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The foundation of our unique culture is defined by core leadership principles that make up “The L&R Way.” It’s who we are, what we do, and what drives our extraordinary success.

In a celebrated tradition each month for the last year, we highlight and reinforce specific attributes in the workplace that are vital to the growth, efficiency, and productivity of our business. We believe successful employees embrace a unified company culture that has the best interests of everyone in mind. Using compelling incentives, we challenge our employees to rise above the status quo.


We always Go BIG – Begin In Gratitude
We look at every person, opportunity and challenge through the eyes of gratitude. Being in gratitude creates the right environment and energy for optimal creativity and growth.

We Do the RIGHT Thing, In the RIGHT Way,
At the RIGHT Time, For the RIGHT Reason
We measure every activity, opportunity and decision against our stated objective. We vet every idea with an impact filter and create a strategic plan before we start a project.

Passionate in Exceeding Customer Expectations
We always take a genuine interest in our clients, delivering outstanding customer service. We continuously strive to learn, improve and share
ideas with our customers.

I Got That!
We empower each team member to make decisions without waiting for directives. We take pride in successfully tackling challenges. We believe in the right to make mistakes, and in learning from them.

Colleague Strengthened
The Ultimate Support System
We embrace others’ ideas and opinions and are eager to cooperate proactively. We maintain an ongoing readiness to positively interact with team members. Our atmosphere is based upon trust, teamwork and mutual respect.

Good Communicators
The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership
We listen attentively, speak openly and clearly, honor commitments and regularly provide meaningful acknowledgment and appreciation.

Expect, Embrace and Reward Change
We seek to always innovate, solve, and correct immediately. To do that, we relentlessly challenge the status quo by asking, “What can we do faster? Better? Easier? Cheaper?”

Avid Learners
A Great Learner Begins by Asking Questions
We always make our learning greater than the experience when we ask, “What did we do right? How can we do more of that?” And, “What would we do differently if we could repeat this experience?”

Challenge is the Road to Growth
We continually seek opportunities for L&R’s growth. We fight complacency with curiosity and vigorously challenging the status quo.

Loyalty is Not a Word, It’s a Lifestyle
We are loyal first and foremost to the company. We know that each of our customers, vendors and team members are served better when we make decisions that are ultimately in the long-term best interest of L&R.

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