LR Logistics

Many manufacturers have transportation systems that are efficient for selling full truckloads of product. However, many retailers and smaller distributors are not large enough to place orders of that size.

The answer is LR’s redistribution division – LR Logistical Solutions. This is a new service that can benefit all of our manufacturing partners. L&R’s operational efficiency and flexibility allows us to offer a less expensive way to order, pick, pack and ship merchandise, creating an efficient supply chain solution. We purchase full truckloads, consolidate items in our warehouses and resell the products in smaller quantities to retailers and distributors.


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L&R buys in larger cost efficient quantities.

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L&R allows retailers and small distributors the option of buying in smaller quantities.

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L&R picks, packs and ships merchandise creating an efficient supply chain solution.

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L&R can replace vendor call centers and offer customized brand specific web site shopping for customers.