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LR Fulfillment Services (LRFS)

Ecommerce businesses are booming right now and LR services every angle of the multi-faceted industry. In the all too complex world of ecommerce, LR streamlines the process to ensure a highly efficient, convenient, and enjoyable ecommerce experience for both you and your consumers.

Powered by LR, LRFS has the inventory. We have the fulfillment centers. We have the necessary processes. We have direct to consumer ecommerce platform solutions. We have product content. We meet direct to consumer service level requirements. We have consumer service and returns processing capabilities.

We make ecommerce easy.

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  • We Are Nimble

    LR can receive orders from all channels- marketplaces, e-commerce sites, ftp, or API.

  • We Ensure Nearly 100% Fill Rates

    Through quality inventory management processes and our extensive experience in process feeds, LR ensures a near 100% fill rate to consumer.

  • We Deliver

    LR has integrated with a state-of-the-art company, Logistyx, to rate shop the best carrier that will deliver in the shortest amount of time for the cheapest price.

  • How We Do It

    As soon as a direct-to-consumer order is received by our system, LR immediately reserves the quantity and stores all information pertinent to the fulfillment process.

  • Our Customer Service

    Consumer order status notifications can be as robust as the trading partner requires, from as simple as order acknowledgement and tracking information, to more extensive notifications about the stages of the shipping process.

LR Partnerships


With a seamless, bolt-on integration to your existing site, Locai provides the perfect platform to access the vast LR inventory.


By developing high quality content that perfectly describes, depicts, and categorizes your products, ItemMaster ensures that your products are easily found in online searches.

Website Integration

  • Retail Website - Widget Tool

    With a small amount of java script added to the retailer site, a simple click opens a window inside the site with the shoppable endless aisle items and a dedicated cart for checkout.

  • Retailer Website - Shared Order via API Integration

    The endless aisles catalog is available on your existing site alongside your standard product lines, with a single cart and checkout experience.

  • Direct Integration

    If the retailer already has endless aisles capability within their current platform, L&R will integrate directly to the retailer platform.


E-commerce businesses are booming right now and L&R services every angle of the multi-faceted industry. Online retailers, brick-and-mortar retailers, and manufacturers with websites can all stock their warehouses with L&R’s vast inventory. Alternatively, they can fulfill purchases made by their own customers by placing orders from our inventory and L&R Fulfillment will manage the fulfillment process. L&R will also handle the headaches associated with e-commerce by providing customer service, processing returns, warehousing, and creating the platform to sell products on broader e-commerce marketplaces.