Distribution services that bring efficiency and savings to your supply chain.

L&R Distributors is a national distributor of over 40,000 HBC, GM and cosmetics products, presently serving over 17,000 points of distribution within the supermarket, drug, independent and mass classes trade across the U.S. L&R is passionate about designing the ultimate shopping experience for our customers, combining that passion with innovative thinking, best practices and the greatest technology to deliver higher sales for each one of our clients.

In today’s marketplace, the ability to procure the proper merchandise is as important as any other factor in managing and driving the business for our customers. Through the size of our customer base and by leveraging direct imports of many items we help our customers be more competitive and increase their purchasing strength exponentially. Our knowledge of the industry and management experience ensures that we can deliver a close to 100% new item fill rate.

What we do

Each of our team members plays an integral part in designing the Ultimate Shopping Experience by performing their roles to the best of their abilities.

How We do it

We accomplish our goals by upholding the L&R leadership principles that make it possible for our team members to be flexible and creative.

Why We do it

Our mission is to create the
Ultimate Shopping Experience
for Our Customers’ Customers.

L&R Analytics

We gather the data for you so that you can have it all at your fingertips.
POS analysis by L&R allows our retail partners to thrive in slow turning, SKU intensive categories. L&R has developed a series of data mining reports that ensure a solid ROI to our retail partners by analyzing performance weekly, by SKU and by store.

pie chart

  • Improved advertising performance
  • Improved seasonal spike preparedness
  • Improved off shelf promotional sell through
  • Improved new item productivity
  • Improved ROI due to increased turns and reduced inventory