Industries Served

L&R is a distributor of slow turning, SKU intensive products within the Cosmetic, Health & Beauty Care and General Merchandise categories. Our specialty is allowing retailers to demographically design departments and categories without the inventory liability. As such L&R services many classes of trade.


Industries Served




L&R’s extended aisle concept creates a customer focused marketplace where shoppers can easily locate products in one location and not have to flip through countless websites to find what they need. Utilizing this efficient model, our customers can provide an easier platform for their customers to explore their inventory and experience a seamless online shopping experience.

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We aim to further simplify the fulfillment process for our customers by providing a website that embraces complete transparency. Prices shown on our website are all inclusive – there are no other fulfillment or shipping fees. There are no additional fees added once you put items in your shopping cart. This allows our customers to shop with the peace of mind knowing that what they see is what they get.

Chains and Independent Retailers

L&R is widely recognized for its work helping some of the industry’s biggest brands meet their business objectives. As a national distributor, we take pride in servicing retail chains across the country from regional to national chains. L&R also services many independent supermarkets, drug stores and military exchanges. Through the use of cutting edge data analytics and detail-oriented strategic programs, L&R helps retailers meet their goals.


This class of trade is focused on offering their customers a complete assortment of consumable products from perishables like dairy, meat, produce and frozen foods to center store non-perishable staples along with offerings in the health care, beauty care and general merchandise categories. The store goal is to offer their customers a one-stop shopping experience.


While there are two primary national drug chains there are also numerous smaller Regional and Independent Drug Store stores throughout the U.S. The key driver for this class of trade is the pharmacy. Consumers find a retailer that supports their prescription plan and while they are waiting to have their prescriptions filled, they shop for their health and beauty care needs along with select general merchandise category products.

Military Exchanges

Military compounds have their own stores within their base locations to meet the needs of the military members and their families. L&R offers a full line of services to these base stores such as order writing, low store inventory, improved turns, reduced operating costs and category management assistance to meet category and demographic needs. We currently service Veterans Canteen (VCS) and the Marine Corp.

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Ecommerce businesses are booming right now and L&R services every angle of the multi-faceted industry. We take great pride in helping you better service your own customers, and we do that by providing you with the products your clients need. L&R will also handle the headaches associated with e-commerce – providing customer service, processing returns, warehousing, and creating the platform to sell products on broader e-commerce marketplaces.

At L&R, we understand that no two companies are the same, nor do they have the same needs. We therefore provide several inventory solutions, so our clients can select the one best suited to them.


The Non Grocery class of trade consists of retailers such as drug stores, book stores, clothing stores, convenience stores and gift shops. These retailers offer their customers an assortment of products in such categories as health and beauty care, hair accessories, hosiery, toys, stationery and assorted general merchandise household products.

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