Full-Scale Retail Solutions

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From expert merchandising to e-commerce services, we provide a full range of retail solutions to help us deliver the ultimate shopping experience for our customers’ customers.

L&R Distributors
Our distribution services bring efficiency and savings to your supply chain. L&R Distributors is a national distributor of over 40,000 HBC, GM and cosmetics products, presently serving over 17,000 points of distribution within the supermarket, drug, independent and mass classes trade across the U.S.

L&R Logistical Solutions
Many manufacturers have transportation systems that are efficient for selling full truckloads of product. However, many retailers and smaller distributors are not large enough to place orders of that size.

The answer is L&R’s redistribution division – LR Logistical Solutions. This is a new service that can benefit all of our manufacturing partners. L&R’s operational efficiency and flexibility allow us to offer a less expensive way to order, pick, pack and ship merchandise, creating an efficient supply chain solution. We purchase full truckloads, consolidate items in our warehouses and resell the products in smaller quantities to retailers and distributors.

L&R Merchandising
Properly organizing a retail store, while maximizing every square inch of shelf space, requires professional planning and undivided attention to detail. We provide expert in-store inventory management and a highly dedicated staff to handle all aspects of the project. From demographically designed planograms to in-store product fixture installation, we help you generate maximum ROI.

Our merchandising division also includes our team of reset experts to help you deliver a better shopping experience. We handle synchronization of resets, new department planning and implementation with sales and service staff. Reset reporting tracks all elements of the process such as start date, finish date, days to complete, fixture status, tag status, and much more.

L&R Fulfillment
E-commerce businesses are booming right now and L&R services every angle of the multifaceted industry. Online retailers, brick-and-mortar retailers, and manufacturers with websites can all stock their warehouses with L&R’s vast inventory. Alternatively, they can fulfill purchases made by their own customers by placing orders from our inventory and L&R Fulfillment will manage the fulfillment process. L&R will also handle the headaches associated with e-commerce by providing customer service, processing returns, warehousing, and creating the platform to sell products on broader e-commerce marketplaces.

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