Baby Care Products
Sale Patterns: In the food and drug classes of trade, baby care products represent over $932 million in annual sales

Baby Need Products

Baby oils, baby wipes, cotton swabs, treatments for diaper rash

72.7% of dollar sales

Baby Feeding & Accessories

Feeding (i.e. baby bottles, nipples, feeding spoons, feeding dishes), rattles & baby toys, teethers & pacifiers

27.3% of dollar sales

*Based on GMDC IRI Sales for 52 weeks ending 2/22/2021

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About the Consumer:
Moms world-over are constantly shopping for necessary baby bath and care products to have on hand not only for the home nursery, but for the various locations their babies can be found – from the traveling baby bag to the baby care center. What’s more: as tired as moms usually are, they will usually prefer to pay for the convenience of shopping for all their items at one location.

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