As Seen on TV

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  • What Differentiates These Products?

    As Seen On TV (ASOTV) is the name given to the group of products that are initially introduced to the consumer via television infomercials and advertisements.

  • The Consumer-Sale Outlook:

    Customers recognize items they see on TV and don’t hesitate to buy them while out shopping. Due to the impulse-sale nature of ASOTV products, these items are now recognized as atop-selling profitable category in all classes of trade.

  • How To Best Position These Products:

    ASOTV products are best promoted in dedicated end-cap displays or within in-aisle locations. ASOTV items also offer great sales potential when cross merchandised within their respective category.

How L&R helps you to best position your ASOTV products:

  1. While most categories within a retail store are reviewed and updated on an annual or bi-annual basis, the ASOTV category is more closely monitored.
  2. New items are continually being introduced so ASOTV planograms are updated 3-4 times per year.
  3. During the Christmas holiday season, L&R features a special ASOTV holiday end cap designed specifically for the gift-giving season.

The Sale Process:

Initially, ASOTV products are available by direct mail order only. After this initial period, ASOTV items are made available for sale at retailers throughout the nation.