Welcome to Industry City

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Welcome to L&R Distributors’ new corporate headquarters. Located in beautiful Industry City, Brooklyn’s budding waterfront community brimming with passionate innovators and flourishing businesses, our new home personifies the company’s current culture and enhances our employees’ workplace experience. Upgraded amenities and an overall improved working environment have already provided dividends in productivity and employee satisfaction. By centralizing our operations to one … Read More

Full-Scale Retail Solutions

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From expert merchandising to e-commerce services, we provide a full range of retail solutions to help us deliver the ultimate shopping experience for our customers’ customers. L&R Distributors Our distribution services bring efficiency and savings to your supply chain. L&R Distributors is a national distributor of over 40,000 HBC, GM and cosmetics products, presently serving over 17,000 points of distribution within … Read More

Automation of the Future

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If 2017 has taught us anything, it’s that businesses in every industry are placing a stronger emphasis on today’s ever-progressing technology, specifically automation, to streamline operations and drive growth. From a Dematic Multishuttle system to Pick-To-Voice (PTV) software, L&R Distributors is embracing advanced automation to enhance and streamline operations. Monroe Township, here we come. In August of 2017, L&R Distributors … Read More

The L&R Way

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The foundation of our unique culture is defined by core leadership principles that make up “The L&R Way.” It’s who we are, what we do, and what drives our extraordinary success. In a celebrated tradition each month for the last year, we highlight and reinforce specific attributes in the workplace that are vital to the growth, efficiency, and productivity of … Read More

Message from the CEO

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Dear Readers, Thank you for taking the time to peruse this edition of L&R News. Much effort has been put in to make this newsletter an exciting reality, and we greatly appreciate your shared interest in our storied brand, exceptional distribution services and the industry at large. We believe valued customers look forward to returning for what they know to … Read More