Harris Teeter

Not all of our vendor partners were as supportive as L & R

A note of thanks for your support during our recent model store walk by the Harris Teeter Senior/Executive Management Staff.

Not all of our vendor partners were as supportive as L & R, ensuring that their areas were prepared and ready for business, especially with Harris Teeter running the “Super Double” coupon event during the tour.

I would like to think Nina for her support, coming in on Sunday, straightening, dusting, organizing…trying to repair from such a sales busy weekend. It has been my privilege to work with Nina through (4) different buildings within Harris Teeter and she has always been supportive and there when needed. Nina will find the product and ensure that we are ready for business. I only wish some other vendor partners would demonstrate this same support.

Kim, it goes without saying, that Nina would not feel so comfortable providing the service she gives if it did not start with yourself. In my experience, our associates emulate their leaders and I think you for the support. It was a great walk and L & R represented themselves well in our building and thanks to Nina for ensuring her areas were prepared.


Scott E. Troglen