Albertson’s – Reset

I wanted to let you know what a great job the reset team did in my Albertson’s store. They did such a thorough and accurate job.


All of the shelf tags and stickers are in place correctly, products are in their proper places, every square inch is clean and there wasn’t any sign they’d been there except it looks like a brand new store! Believe me, they had their work cut out for them, because this store had some issues. They had all of the boxes of pulled merchandise clearly marked with regards to what should happen to the product. The product was bagged properly and marked clearly inside each box making it very efficient to process the return with the receiver. She and I both agreed that we were sort of dreading the return process because it we both thought it would be so time-consuming. We were pleasantly relieved! They had the whole process streamlined and I could tell they were meticulous in their work. I will process the Sensations and catering product return tomorrow, but I don’t expect anything less than today’s experience. I’m looking forward to servicing this store now as much as I do my other stores. I’m sure the team was impressive to the staff at the store as well. Thanks to you and them for making my job more efficient and enjoyable!