Reset your expectations.

L&R takes resets to a whole new level, using the latest technology, proven processes, and our highly trained teams of reset experts to deliver a better shopping experience:


  • Cosmetic experts.
  • Synchronization of resets, new department planning and implementation with sales and service staff.
  • Dedicated in-house and field staff are assigned to handle all aspects of the project.
  • Just in time new item ordering and fixture orders at chain level and store level.
  • Reset reporting to track all elements of the process such as start date, finish date, days to complete, fixture status, tag status, and much more.
  • Replacement racks shipped through L&R distribution centers to ensure delivery and reset completion by our in-store merchandising teams. Replacement parts marry and ship with everyday product.
  • Reset department focuses on maximizing store sales.


  • Our reset teams are trained to maximize every square inch of shelf space to generate maximum ROI.
  • Past mistakes from previous resets are addressed and resolved during L&R’s first reset.
  • Missing or damaged fixture parts are replaced. We never spread out the merchandise to cover up gaps.