L&R offers a complete suite of data-driven retail merchandising services.

Shopper data on millions of products is gathered nationwide by our professional team and used to gain a greater understanding of consumer behavior throughout the store. This information is used to develop strategic effective, hyper-local merchandising solutions that maximize revenue.

Services include:

  • In-store inventory management
  • In-store order writing and pack-out services
  • Demographically designed planograms
  • Ability to merchandise and order write for retailers in categories not stocked at L&R DCs via a Pass-through to warehouse or manufacturer for order fulfillment
  • In-store product fixture installation and much more
  • Synchronization of resets, new department planning and implementation with sales and service staff.
  • Dedicated in-house and field staff are assigned to handle all aspects of the project.
  • Just in time new item ordering and fixture orders at chain level and store level.