The News: What’s New At L&R?

Because of their efforts, we now have expanded partnerships with many of our existing customers, such as Marine Corps, Food City, Acme, Wegmans and hundreds of others. Additionally, L&R has secured numerous new customers, including 7-Eleven (NY), and our first fashion retailer, Primark. Below is a a small sampling of success stories from our sales teams.

Jose Filipe, and Ricardo Medina, Sales Team members of L&R, detailed progress with Mercedes House Market, an enormous housing and retail complex in Downtown Manhattan. With rental rates at $4,000 to $6,000 a month, this residential development provides just about any service one could desire. Thanks to our dedicated employees, L&R has recently begun to sell to Mercedes House Market many household and health and beauty care items such as Casabella brooms and Bradshaw kitchen gadgets and cookware.

Down in Henderson, Nevada, Debbie Kester, L&R Inside Sales Representative, secured contracts with two Horizon Ridge Mini Marts. Both of these grocery/liquor stores have placed orders for health and beauty care, over-the-counter products and toys and stationery items, totaling $5,000 each!

The last achievement we would like to mention illustrates the power of determination. Publix, an enormous supermarket chain employing over 168,000 people at 1,103 retail locations in the Southeastern United States, has been a long-standing client of ours. While Publix had previously bought many cosmetic products from L&R, Rob Scott, Account Executive, has expended tremendous effort to get Publix to purchase Revlon and Almay merchandise directly from our line for the past 10 years, without success. Finally, after a decade of persistence, he has successfully contracted Publix to purchase these products from L&R, adding a whopping $5 million to our business!

The above acts of commitment and determination are only a fraction of what transpires at L&R. Accomplishments like these contribute to L&R’s success.

New account totals by department for 2015:

Alternative Markets

30 new customers

E Commerce

6 new customers

Independent Grocery

28 new customers

Independent with Service

136 new customers


94 new customers


66 new customers


179 new customers