Total Pet Care is a $71 billion category and is projected to top $87 billion by 2018.
$14 billion, or 20% of the dollars in Pet Care are spent on Pet Health & Supplies which consist of:

Dog & Cat Treats
Rawhides, Biscuits, Bones, Treats
Cat Litter
Litter, Sprays, Litter Pans, Accessories
Toys & Accessories
Dog & Cat Toys, Collars, Dishes
Training Aids
Pads, Stain & Odor Removers, Correction Sprays
Flea & tick Treatments
Drops, Collars, Sprays, Powders, Shampoos
Bird & Small Animal needs
Diets, Treats, Accessories
Edibles, Water Conditioner
Grooming Accessories
Shampoos, Combs, Brushes & Wipes
Wellness Needs
Vitamins, Wormers, Eye Care, Dental Care, Remedies

Did You Know?

Dog & Cat Treats Category is a $4.6 Billion Dollar Category that was up 1.6% in Dollar Sales in 2018. 45% of Rawhide Sales at MULO are made at Grocery Retailers.

79% of US Housholds own pets and shop in the pet category.

Pet Ownership:
94% of pet owners indicate their pet is part of the family.
80% report they treat their pets like their children.
62% say companionship was the biggest motivator for pet ownership.

*Hartz Multi Outlet Report for 52 weeks ending 1-27-19
**Tervis Pet Master Report Dated 2-25-19

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