About Us

More than cosmetics. More than distribution. Rethinking retail.

about-usL&R Distributors was founded close to 60 years ago as a general merchandise and specialty distributor.   L&R now manages over 37,000 general merchandise and health, beauty and wellness, and cosmetics SKUs. Categories include toys, stationery, hosiery, cosmetics, appliances, candles, potpourri, auto, hair accessories and much, much more.  L&R’s cosmetics distribution is now the largest of its kind  within the United States, distributing over 7,000  items from Almay, Revlon, L’Oreal, Cover Girl, Maybelline, Wet/Wild, Neutrogena, Jordana, Sally Hansen, Fingrs, Kiss, Paris Presents, Physicians Formula, Black Radiance and Milani.

In addition to its distribution services, L&R provides retail merchandising services, focusing on helping retail partners to reduce costs, improve the customer experience, and  increased sales. Retailers that have switched to using L&R’s in-store services generally experience a 15% or more increase in sales movement.

L&R is more than a distributor that delivers product on time with a solid fill rate.  We provide our retail partners with reset services, data mining and analytics, in-store surveys and more.   L&R has brought a truly turnkey program to any category that is slow turning and SKU intensive.

At L&R, we promise a commitment to listen, create and deliver a solution customized only for you. L&R will create a unique plan and then help you follow it confidently with the right mix of tools, guidance and ongoing support.   We will improve your ROI for any category under distribution through L&R.

To learn more about how L&R can help you successfully navigate the future of retail, contact us today.