LR Distributors
L&R strives to offer the perfect customer experience by consistently exceeding expectations and offering a pleasant shopping atmosphere designed to build customer loyalty.

LR Logistics
LR Logistical Solutions is a service that allows retailers and smaller distributors the option of buying in smaller quantities.

LR Merchandising
L&R offers a complete suite of data-driven retail merchandising services from in-store inventory management to order writing, shelf stocking and planogram management.

LR Fulfillment
As more people shift to internet shopping, L&R helps ecommerce retailers better serve their customers with our wide assortment of available product categories.

Industries Served






What we do

Each of our team members plays an integral part in designing the Ultimate Shopping Experience by performing their roles to the best of their abilities.

Our Team

How We do it

We accomplish our goals by upholding the L&R leadership principles that make it possible for our team members to be flexible and creative.

The L&R Way

Why We do it

Our mission is to create the
Ultimate Shopping Experience
for Our Customers’ Customers.

Our Core Values

The L&R Difference

At L&R, we are 100% committed to . . .

Bringing turn-key solutions to the SKU intensive, slow turning categories of general merchandise and beauty departments.

Innovation through data analytics and technology to deliver higher customer value and increased ROI.

Redesigning stores based on in-depth analytics and hyperlocal demographic data.